I'm a Michigander, through and through. Although the beach is my true happy place, there is something about the 4 unique seasons of Michigan that I just couldn't live without.

I'm a lot of other things too; daughter, sister, wife, UM grad (Go Blue!), former art teacher, coffee drinker, bargain shopper, avid traveler and adventure lover, karaoke superstar, and most importantly, mom.

I have three kids ages 7, 5 and 2 -- sometimes the days drag on and on, but the years are flying by. I love portrait photography because it freezes a moment.  A smile, a laugh, a pout or a full out screaming tantrum cry-- it's all authentic and real life. Trust me, I know. 

I use natural light and primarily outdoor locations for my photography because I think it lends to the authentic feel of the photos. I love the interactions between family members, the connections and the relationships. I want to give you a little piece of your story that you can keep forever!